1. How much time will I spend in lectures each week?
    There is an average of 4 hours of class per subject each week. Most students do 3-4 subjects per semester so will have approximately 12-16 hours of classes. Part-time study options are also available for domestic students only.
  2. Will I have access to the university facilities?
    Yes, Griffith College students have access to university services and facilities including the library, the Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Career Service, and clubs and associations.
  3. Will you be able to help me find a job?
    Griffith College students have access to the Griffith careers service, ‘Career Smarter’, to help them with finding part-time and full-time work, resume creation and interview skills.
  4. Am I guaranteed entry to a Griffith degree after completing a Griffith College diploma?
    You will be guaranteed entry on the basis that you complete all 8 diploma subjects and achieve the necessary ‘grade point average’ (GPA) for transfer into your chosen degree.
  5. What happens if I don’t get the required GPA?
    There are many academic support services in place to ensure that you meet the GPA requirements necessary to transfer. In the rare instance that you do not meet the GPA you have a number of options:
    • Continue to an Associate Degree in Commerce and Business
    • Repeat the subject/s you failed
  6. How do I pay the tuition fees?
    There are a number of ways to pay your tuition fees:
    • Bank Cheque
    • Direct deposit at the bank
    • Internet banking
    • FEE-HELP Government Loan (for Australian students)
    Detailed instructions on how to pay the fees will accompany the Letter of Offer, which you’ll receive once your application has been accepted. Our fee and refund policy can be found at policy.griffithcollege.edu.au

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Our advantage:

  1. Study at a highly ranked university: After successful completion of
 Griffith College, move into a university ranked within the top 5% 
  2. Already learning on campus in two unique locations: Griffith College is located on the Griffith University Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses.
  3. Griffith student from day one: Already integrated into the Griffith University community with direct access to the university facilities and 
  4. Seamless progression: Move into a Griffith University degree with 
 uninterrupted transition.
  5. Specialised learning, same curriculum: Study the same curriculum as 
 Griffith University students with the extra support to help you succeed 
 at a university level.

I decided to study at Griffith College because I'd heard a lot of positive things from friends and I wanted a supportive environment to start my tertiary career. Each of the teachers went above and beyond to assist with our studies and preparing us for the next step.

I highly recommend Griffith College as a launch pad for your further study.