The transition from high school to university is a challenging time for most students so it’s helpful to know what you can expect of the learning environment at Griffith College.

  • Comprehensive orientation and enrolment day where students will have the chance to choose their subjects.
  • Students will be encouraged to become independent learners that think critically about the concepts and theories offered to them.
  • Extra academic support is available to all students outside of class hours in the form of workshops, catch-up classes, and one-on-one tuition.


There are many accommodation options available to students living in Brisbane. Stay in college accommodation and walk to campus, find your own accommodation in a suburb of your choice or stay with an Australian family in a homestay. Whatever you decide we can provide accommodation support and advice about living in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Homestay gives you the opportunity to live with an Australian family while you study. This is a great way to develop your English language skills and experience life in Australia. All furniture and meals are provided.

Off-campus accommodation

Share house is the most common accommodation option for students. Privately managed and close to campus you can find three to six bedroom options with all furniture included.

On-campus accommodation

Available at both campuses. Walking distance to class you can find catered and non-catered options and the cost includes utilities.

Weekly cost of living

Catered on-campus
Non-catered on-campus
Share House off-campus
Homestay off-campus
Rent per week $330 - $369
$160 - $200
$160 - $450
$245 - $270
Food Included
Transport to university Walking distance
Walking distance
Electricity and gas Included
$20 - $30
Internet $10 - $20
$10 - $20
$10 - $20
$6 - $12
Mobile (Cell) phones $15 - $25 $15 - $25 $15 - $25 $15 - $25

Kin Kwong Lee
Diploma of Hotel Management

The College community is wonderful, I have made many friends here and the extra support I have received from my tutors means that I am confident I will succeed when I enter Griffith University in my second year.

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