What opportunities are available for graduates?

So you’ve submitted an application to ICM – fantastic! You’re now familiar with the programs and services offered by us but may still be questioning the opportunities that will be available to you once you graduate from the University of Manitoba. If so, then please keep reading.

The Province of Manitoba recognizes international students’ desire to continue their international education by gaining some relevant work experience in Canada and therefore offers several benefits to international students. Check out the following options for more information about post-graduate opportunities in Manitoba.

Employment Opportunities

Permanent Residency Status

60% Tuition Tax Rebate

  • An example of the tuition rebate program: if you’ve spent $40,000 CDN in tuition fees you can earn a $24,000 CDN rebate.
  • More University of Manitoba alumni lead Fortune 500 companies than any other Western Canadian university’s alumni.

Did you know?

Various opportunities available to international students once they graduate from their degree program.
Students interested in getting a University of Manitoba degree and then gain some valuable work experience in Canada.
To inform international students of their post-graduate opportunities in Manitoba.

Begin your future with ICM. Graduate from the University of Manitoba. Start your career in Winnipeg.

Learn more about the great post-graduate opportunities available to international students in Manitoba.

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