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Our presentation

Antisocial Media Marketing – Finding Followers Underground

Social networking is no longer a playground for the young, with the average age of a Facebook social media user now sitting at 38 years of age. For the 13-year-old student demographic this figure is significant as it is the average age of their mothers!

You may not have noticed it, but young Internet users have slipped under the covers of their smart-phones, leaving large public friend groups and parental eyes behind for new anonymous and secluded social networks.

This seminar session will look at the challenges education marketers may face given this trend continues through the next five years. Investment in third-party platforms as a strategy will be examined and we will look at methods of digging up the dark networks and cultivating your own social ecosystem.

The Crowd Source Project

Andy and I had an idea. We thought it would be great if the ICEF crowd came together to change the life of one individual… The obvious way we (and you) can change a life is by offering someone the chance of a lifetime, to study & travel abroad.

We are thrilled to say we (us and you) pulled it off!! ...and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who nominated a candidate for scholarship; we were inundated with requests and apologies if we didn’t get back to you. we are happy to announce that we have selected a scholarship winner as nominated by Alternatif Education in Turkey - http://www.alternatifecs.com/

Our scholarship winner!

Hevali Atabey is a primary school teacher and social activist living and working in Sirnak, a small town in the Southeast of Turkey.  Sirnak has been plagued by poverty and ethnic conflict for many years and Hevali has run a number of community projects to help improve the lives and futures of her students and their families. Hevali ‘s efforts include:

  • Organising food and clothing drives for the people of Sirnak.
  • Personally worked to improve her school facilities by organising the construction of a library, clean water drinking fountain and classroom modernisation. 
  • Contact with Unilever to supply hygienic products to her local community.

Hevali would like the opportunity to study in Australia so that she's able to speak to her students about the way people live in other parts of the world, in the hope of expanding their worldview and a chance at a better future, whilst also improving her English language skills and learn new teaching methods that will benefit many hundreds of students.

A big thanks once again to all who took the time to take part

Download Snapchat

We are going to connect to the crowd (yes, this is you) via ‘Snapchat’ and put you in the students shoes, showing you firsthand how you can find followers underground.

Therefore, we need you to do just 2 things:

  • Download ‘Snapchat’ to your smart-phone. You can download it here: iPhone - Android
  • Find us (your new friend) by searching for ‘jeffandyicef

Thanks for being a part of this experience - we'll be in touch very soon with further updates.

Jeff & Andy

Jeff & Andy Bio

Jeffrey Williams: After an extremely short stint as a World Rally Championship Driver and professional sand castle builder, Jeffrey has spent 10 years building a successful career in international student recruitment and marketing.

An Australian living in London, Jeffrey has experience in both the public and private education sectors, holding posts such as Head of International at the University of Bolton, UK and currently Regional Manager - Europe for Navitas global operations.

Andy Jones: Despite having taken off in an airplane more times than landed in one, Andy is a grounded and laid back Welshman who represented his country in Cross Country running during his teens.

Fast forward a few years – Andy has enjoyed a career spanning more than 10 years in the digital media sector and has spent the last 4 years working in the education vertical, where he heads up eMarketing for Navitas in the UK.

Jeff and Andy