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Why Volunteering SA&NT?

So you like what you see so far? Take a further look at why your organisation should support a student placement or contact Volunteering SA&NT today. 

Why Take On A Student?

Volunteering SA&NT will form a placement partnership with each not-for-profit organisation participating in the program. It will work with each placement organisation, the student(s) and SAIBT to ensure the placement produces mutually beneficial and sustainable outcomes.

Benefits to the Placement Partner

Student(s) will provide administrative support for one off or ongoing projects

Opportunity to recruit an ongoing volunteer(s)

Receive free cultural diversity management training

Receive placement program management support

Placement provides access to a new administration skill base

Contribution to ongoing skill development and access to employment for the workforce

Benefits to the student

Administration skill development

Workplace environment experience

Organisational management understanding and workplace cultural observation

Volunteering SA&NT Student Placement...

  • Volunteering SA&NT is the peak body for representing and supporting the volunteering sector
  • Expertise in matching, placing and training volunteers
  • Provides sector-recognised, outcomes based, engaging training tailored to a clients needs
  • Strong partnerships with government, private and public sector
  • Promotion and development of strategies for the sector in management, recruitment, retention and recognition of volunteers. 
To book into an information session or find out more information, contact Volunteering SA&NT today!
CRICOS Provider Codes:
SAIBT: 02193C
University of South Australia: 00121B
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