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How to choose the right Navitas college for your child?

Navitas has colleges in some fantastic locations across Canada. Where they decide to enrol will depend on a number of factors. Here are a few considerations to help your child decide which college/university is best for them.

1. My child wants to study Business, IT or Engineering

All Navitas colleges in Canada offer pathways into business, IT and engineering degrees.

2. My child wants to study Science, Arts, Communications or any other type of degree

Navitas colleges in Canada provide direct pathways to over 50 bachelor degrees. There is almost certainly a Navitas college in Canada which provides a pathway into the degree they wish to study.

Choosing the right Navitas College for your child!

3. My child wants to study in a high ranking institution

  • UOM is one of the largest universities in Western Canada, with 24,845 students. It is currently ranked 551 in the world and holds 33 Canada Research Chairs. It is an excellent university for those looking to go into research, especially in Agriculture and Forestry, and Life and Medical Sciences.
  • SFU is ranked 225 in the world and 16 in the QS Top 50 under 50. It is also a large university with 24,940 students. SFU is also a fantastic institution for research, especially in Geography, Social Sciences and Management.

4. My child wants to live in a city which has a large Indian population

Both Vancouver and Winnipeg have a large Indian community present. British Columbia is home to the largest Indian population in Canada with 6.5% of the Indian population residing there. Manitoba also holds a significant number of Indian residents with 2.8% of the Indian-Canadian population calling Winnipeg home.

5. My child wants to study in a safe city.

By international standards, all Canadian cities are considered very safe.

6. My child wants to study in a college where they will meet students from all over the world.

Every Navitas college has students from over twenty countries. By choosing to study with Navitas in the first year at university in Canada, they will make friends from all over the world – some of whom will stay friends long after they have graduated from university in Canada.

Got a question? I’m here to help!

My name is Vandita Bhargava. I’ve been working for Navitas here in India for many years. I’m here to help your child make the right choice about where to study in Canada. You can contact me at any time to discuss your child’s study options in Canada, or at one of our colleges worldwide.

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