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What will your child study at Navitas?

Navitas has a large number of courses in a variety of career fields all depending on where your child is in their university journey! Check out the courses below to see where a Navitas course could take them!

UTP Stage II is equivalent to the first year of a university bachelor’s degree. By studying a specialized field, they will have the skills and knowledge to progress into second year university in Canada. Fields of study are listed below.

Arts and Social Science

This course provides the foundation for further study in many areas including economics, English, international studies, political science, psychology, linguistics and criminology. There are an endless number of career opportunities available to Arts and Social Sciences graduates. Possible career paths include, Advertising, Civil Service, Corporate Communications, Interpreter, Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communication, Media Specialist, Public Relations, Research, Sales Management or Tourism. Available at FIC and ICM.

Business Administration

This course provides the foundation for further study in many aspects of business and commerce to help them choose their area of specialization for their Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Potential career paths include, Accounting, Advertising Executive, Banker, Entrepreneur, Finance Analyst, International Broker, International Businessperson, Human Resource Manager, Logistics Manager, Management Consultant, Marketer, Recruiter, Stockbroker or Systems Analyst.

  • SFU's Beedie School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). Only 1 per cent of business schools worldwide have achieved these valued seals of quality. Available at FIC.
  • University of Manitoba alumni lead more Fortune 500 companies than any other Western Canadian university’s alumni. Partly due to the Asper School of Business dominating international business planning competitions with 46 first-place wins since 1995. Available at ICM.
Communications, Arts and Technology

This course provides introduction to three schools housed within the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, providing the foundation for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Double Minor specialization. Potential career paths include, Advertising Account Manager, Multimedia Specialist, Production Assistant, Political Research Assistant, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Developer, Video Game Developer, Photographer/Videographer, Project Manager, Film Critic, Museum Curator, Marketing or Public Relations. Available at FIC.

Computing Science

This course provides the foundation for further study in many aspects of computing to help them choose their area of specialization for their undergraduate degree. Potential career paths include, Bioinformatics, Business analysis, Cryptography, Database administration, Game development, Information Security, Programmer, Software engineering or Web design. Available at FIC.

Engineering Science

Engineering Science provides first-year courses and the foundation for progression to the second year of their universities Engineering Science degrees. Potential career paths include, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Manufacturing, Microelectronics, Product Research and Development, Robotics, Software Engineering, Systems Design or Telecommunications Engineering. Available at FIC and ICM.


With growing awareness of environmental issues around the World, a degree from the Faculty of the Environment will provide multiple career options in Canada and around the World. Potential career paths include, Aboriginal liaison, Avalanche specialist, Cartographer, Ecotourism operator, Fisheries manager, Food safety inspector, Forensic investigator, Forester, Geoscientist, GIS programmer, Health and safety inspector, Heritage consultant, Land use planner, Landscape architect, Meteorologist, Museum curator, Park ranger, Real estate developer, Urban planner or Water quality inspector. Available at FIC.

Health Sciences

This program encourages a broad exploration of diverse areas of study, allowing students to gain an excellent foundation in a variety of areas and choose the area of study they wish to specialize in when they progress to SFU. Potential career paths include, Health Services, Administration, Health Charities and Foundations, Public and Private Research, Health Prevention and Promotion, Waste-water Treatment, Pharmaceutical Sales, Rehabilitation worker, Community outreach specialist, Environmental Health Officer, Health Ethicist, Health Records Professional, Infectious Disease Worker, Public Health Inspector, Health Product Regulation, Public Policy Analyst or Health Educator. Available at FIC.


This course allows them to specialize in biological, physical, mathematical or computing science, as well as other areas, when they progress to second year of their degree program. UOM has a Smartpark which opened its first facility in 2002.  Today, it is home to 30 clients employing 1,100 people in 9 buildings across the park. It is also home to The Eureka Project: Smartpark’s business incubator. The Eureka Project is dedicated to advancing business incubation by supporting the growth of early-stage technology companies. Career paths for science students are diverse and include technical opportunities such as working in laboratories or doing research, or in the fields of administration, education, conservation and business. Available at ICM.

Pre-MBA Program

The 16 week program at FIC is designed to prepare your child for the challenges of studying in an elite MBA program at a top Canadian university. FIC's small class sizes result in your child receiving extensive support and more personal attention from their professors. Due to the comprehensive foundation available during the Pre-MBA the GMAT and IELTS requirements are slightly lower than the requirements for direct admission to the MBA. Successful applicants will receive a combined Letter of Offer for the Pre-MBA at FIC and MBA at SFU, their transfer to the MBA program is guaranteed upon completing the Pre-MBA with a GPA of 3.0.

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