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Deciding which university your child will study at will be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. As a parent, you’re charged with the responsibility of providing the advice and reassurance necessary to help them make this life changing decision.

We understand that this may be a confusing and challenging time for you, so we have provided below answers to some of the most common questions we get from the parents of our international students.

1. How much time will my child spend in lecturers each week?

This is dependent on how many courses you take each semester. All students are required to have a minimum of 3 courses a semester to maintain their full-time student status. Each course meets for four hours each week (with additional time for courses with labs). On average students spend 16-20 hours per week in class. It is recommended that your child allows for 6 – 8 hours of at home study per course each week as well.

2. How much more support will my child get at the Navitas College and partner university?

The Navitas model has been designed to give students more support than they would otherwise get in the first year of university studies.

  • All lectures are conducted with a small class size to ensure the students have direct access to their lecturers.
  • Free academic advice is available to all students.
  • Academic workshops, one-on-one tuition and study skills classes are provided on a regular basis for all students.

3. Will my child have access to all the university facilities?

Yes. Navitas students have access to all the services and facilities at partner university. This includes the gym, access to the library and membership to numerous clubs and associations.

4. Will my child be able to use the university student accommodation?

Both FIC and ICM offer on-campus accommodation options to their students, through the relevant partner university. If you are interested in living with a host family, both Navitas colleges can connect you with a homestay agency. More information about these options can be found on the relevant college website.

5. Will you be able to help my child find a job?

Every Navitas partner university in Canada has its own Careers Service, offering students career planning and education, employment information, job application checking and interview coaching. Many of these Careers Services have job listings for part-time, casual, internships, tutoring, vacation work and volunteering through to full-time jobs and graduate positions.

6. Will I get regular reports on my child’s academic progress?

If your child is under 18 you can contact the college any time to receive information about your child’s progress. However, if your child is over 18 they must give consent before we can relay any information to you.

7. Is my child guaranteed entry to their university degree after completing a Navitas diploma?

Most programs have specific GPA requirements and a guaranteed progression. Every offer letter has the progression conditions mentioned and parents should read this and talk to Navitas staff in case of any further explanation.

8. How do I pay the fees for my child’s tuition?

There are a number of ways to pay your child’s tuition fees:

  • Telegraphic Funds Transfer
  • Direct deposit at the bank
  • Internet banking

9. How do I make an application for my child?

Applying to study with Navitas in Canada is generally a straightforward process. You can apply through the relevant Navitas college website, or else through one of our official representatives in India.

10. Do you offer scholarships?

Both of the Navitas Canada colleges offer two merit-based partial scholarships each semester. These are generally offered to the students who have achieved the highest academic performance in the pathway program.

Receive their Letter of Offer via email

If your child’s application is successful they will receive a Letter of Offer for the Navitas college and university explaining the courses they have been offered, the fees payable, and the course commencement date. Our Admissions Department will send them an email if additional documents are required, before offering them a place at the Navitas college.

Accept their Letter of Offer

In order to secure child’s place, we will need to receive their acceptance form, enrolment fee and tuition fees as outlined in their Letter of Offer. Payment will not be receipted until all the conditions on the Letter of Offer have been met and accepted by the Admissions Department.

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