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How much will it cost your child to study in Canada?

Canada offers great value for money…. Education can be expensive, however, it is a small price to pay for the opportunities it opens up. Check out the average fees you could expect to pay.

Course College Duration Fees C$
UTP Stage II
FIC 3 terms $21,279
ICM 3 terms $14,593
Pre-MBA FIC 1 term $13,534
English Language Program
FIC 1-2 terms $6,358
ICM 1-2 terms $4,179

Please remember these are average fees, some courses and colleges may be more or less. Contact specific colleges for exact fee costs.

Compulsory Chargers
Charge College Duration Fees C$
Lab Fee for Biology, Chemistry and Physics students FIC One off payment $100

ICM One off payment $200
Medical Insurance FIC 16 months $760

ICM Course Duration Free
Student Services and Recreation Fee FIC Per term $145

ICM Per Semester $94
Sports and Recreation Membership ICM Fall and Winter $76.43

Summer $57.32
Payment of Fees

To fully accept the offer to study at Navitas, you must pay all fees and charges in full as stated in the Letter of Offer. Payments should be made in Canadian Dollars to the International College of Manitoba (ICM) or Fraser International College (FIC).

The various payment options available to you include:

  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Direct Deposit
  • Credit Card

Did you know?

  • The Royal Canadian Mint has produced more than 52 billion coins for dozens of foreign countries.
  • In Canada the one-dollar coin is called a “loonie” and the two-dollar coin is called a “toonie”.
  • You can visit the Royal Canadian Mint Vancouver Retail Store at 752 Granville Street to pick up unique gifts of Canadian currency, and limited edition coins.
  • The internationally recognized code for Canadian currency is CAD.

Navitas Fees

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