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How will Navitas support your child in Canada?

Canada is different to India in many ways. But as you’ll read below, all Navitas colleges provide services to ensure that your child feels at home in Canada. At Navitas we understand that for our students to succeed academically they have to feel like they ‘fit in’.

Feeling at home in Canada in the first few months is not always easy. The language, food, climate – even the smell of the streets – are quite different from what your child will have been used to in India.

Every Navitas college provides a series of social, cultural and sports services to ensure that international students are given every opportunity to get ‘out and about’ to meet people. Below are just a few of the ways we will ensure that your child feels at home soon after arriving in Canada.

Free Wi-Fi and Internet access for all students

All Navitas students will have access to free Wi-Fi and internet while on campus. We realize that being able to easily ‘stay in touch’ with family and friends back home in India is one of the first steps to feeling comfortable in Canada.

Sports and Social Activities

Every Navitas college has a social program, which encourages all students, Canadian and International, to get involved with. Engaging in sports and other activities with students from all over the world is a fantastic way for your child to make friends and feel at home.

Cultural Associations

Indians have been coming to live and study in Canada for the past fifty years. As a result, your child will discover a multitude of associations, clubs and festivals for Indians, in whichever city they are studying. Canada also has some fantastic Indian restaurants, which we hope will help your child feel at home while studying with us

Health and Medical Services

Students who are taking the Navitas University Pathway Program or a Pre-Masters program, on campus at an Canadian university, will have access to the university’s health and medical services during their whole time at university in Canada. If, for whatever reason, your child is not feeling well in Canada, the Navitas college will be there to provide assistance.

Religious Services

Canada is a highly multicultural – and highly tolerant – society. Every Navitas campus provides its students with access to a prayer room, and with details of religious places of worship close to the campus. If your child follows a particular religion or faith in India, they will be able to continue to do so in Canada.

Airport Pickup

Worried about who will meet your child when they arrive in Canada for the first time? Every Navitas college offers an Airport Pickup service. Simply request this service when you fill out the application form to study with Navitas, and one of our representatives will meet your child at the airport on arrival.

Accommodation Options

“Where will my child live?” “And with who?” These are some of the first questions that we hear from parents. At Navitas we understand that if our students are not happy in their accommodation, there is a high chance they will not be happy in class. Which is why placing your child in the right accommodation is a priority for us.

Every Navitas college offers a wide range of accommodation options for students. Some colleges, such as Navitas English colleges, have their own accommodation department. Other colleges, such as those based on a university campus, will use the university’s accommodation service to find the right accommodation for your child.  

Job Search and Career Services

What happens after your child has finished studying? Many Navitas students return home to their country. But some choose to search for a job in their country of study, or in a different country. Navitas has a specific division – Navitas Workforce – which can provide specific career-search training and skills for your child, after they finish their course. Their university careers office will also be able to assist. 

Counseling Services  

Every Navitas college has at least one official ‘Student Counsellor’, whose job is to provide additional support and assistance to students who need advice about managing their study load, about adapting to their new life, or about getting out and making the most of their time in Canada. If your child needs to talk to someone while they are studying with Navitas, of our Student Counselors will be there to help.

Making friends in Canada

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