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Global Gala at Leicester Global Study Centre

A Night Around the World: first Global Gala held at Leicester Global Study Centre

This month, Leicester Global Study Centre hostsed their first Global Gala: A Night Around the World!

The prom was hosted on the evening of Wednesday 18 May, in the very room that the students know as their exam hall. Student support staff wanted to give the students from a chance to celebrate their hard work, achievements, and memories they’ve had over the last year, before continuing their studies at the University of Leicester.

Prom committee member, Adaeze Chidi-Aroh, had this to say about her experience: “I got to meet more people. I also learnt a bit of their culture during the meetings. I was able to learn how to deal with different opinions. My favourite part of prom committee when we got to meet Andrew (College Principal), and that every meeting had a different vibe to it. Every meeting just had a different touch.”

Despite only having a short amount of time to plan before May 18 arrived, the students were able to dance the night away to a DJ and eat pizza to their heart’s content. The itinerary for the evening also featured awards for both staff and students. Staff awards, hosted by students, enabled us to find out who was the kindest staff member and the one most likely to become a millionaire. Similarly, the student awards informed us the student most likely to graduate top of their class, but also the one who is most likely to become prime minister. At the end of the awards though, it was our very own admissions officer, Dr Aaron Eames, who won best dressed while wearing a strapping navy suit.

It just would not be a prom without a king or queen. After the week was over, we managed to talk them down from their thrones to talk to us about their experience. Sia said: “When I was announced prom Queen, I was so shocked. It was not in my mind. I was joking about it. I didn’t think people would actually write my name, it was a nice feeling. I’m still shocked. Being a part of the prom committee made me appreciate it more. I saw the effort that everybody made, like especially Shannon, Aaron, and Ashton. The way that you were very passionate about everything. To be a part of that, and to actually win something, it meant a lot to me.

“The energy and vibe that week was high! Everybody was like “prom, prom, prom” and it made me very happy because we needed that hype. Besides being prom queen, my favourite part of this experience would definitely be the afternoon tea. Andrew is such an amazing person and principal because he can put his personality into everything. He was genuine, you could see he is good at what he does.”

The way you can easily tell people had fun, it was 10pm [the end] and you are literally telling people to go, even after everything ended, people were hanging round.”

Prom King, Lushomo, also shared his thoughts about his experience : “I never expected it [winning prom king]. It felt quite nice knowing that people have taken a liking to you. I think I would’ve felt the same regardless if I was on the committee. I mean, maybe it boosted my chances a bit. It definitely was a good alternative to a graduation, for me personally, it was a way of bringing the entire foundation year to a close. Whereas, if we didn’t have it, the year would’ve just ended. My favourite part of the whole thing was interacting with people I never would have interacted with. If it wasn’t for prom committee, I probably would’ve never spoken to some people. Through prom as well, it gave me a chance to interact with people outside of my cohort. When I move to University of Leicester I’ll miss most of the friends I’ve made here. I know 3 or 4 of us are moving to do law together, but I have several other friends who aren’t. Also, I’ll miss the free coffee.”

But it wasn’t just students who attended the evening and danced the night away, as staff members also arrived at the event. Academic Manager Mike Gibson, who also hosted the student awards, was at the event and won the award for the staff member most likely to be a millionaire. English tutor Simon Briars attended and Director of Marketing and Recruitment, Will Gray, attended the evening and shared what he thought of the evnt: “The prom was a highlight of the past semester for students and staff alike. It was a great chance to get together and have some fun at the end of the academic period.”

As for the student support team, they’re happy for a rest before September enrolment and planning the next big event!

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