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Applying for a Canadian Study Permit (Student Visa)!

As a future international student in Canada, your child must obtain a Study Permit (Student Visa) from the Canadian Embassy in their home country before beginning their journey to Canada.

Applying for your child’s visa/study permit

Your child should apply for your Study Permit as soon as they have paid their fees.

The Study Permit process may take a while to be processed. Canadian Embassies and High Commissions become very busy with applications around the intake dates. Your child should therefore apply for your Study Permit as early as possible!

Please do let us know when their Study Permit is confirmed.

Processing times

The Canadian government generally tries to get your child’s visa application through as quickly as possible. However, it is important that they apply as soon as they have accepted their offer at Navitas. This ensures that if any hiccups arise they have the time to deal with them. The following table outlines the approximate time it will take to process their visa.

Visa Office and Country Processing time in weeks based on a complete application package
Bangalore – India 4
Chandigarh – India 3
New Delhi – India 3

What your child can and can’t do in Canada

The conditions listed on their permit tell your child:

  • the educational level they are permitted to study at;
  • that your child must remain enrolled at a designated learning institution;
  • that your child must continue making progress toward completing their program;
  • if they are allowed to work in Canada;
  • whether they need to report for a medical examination, observation or treatment;
  • if their travel within Canada is restricted; and
  • when your child must leave Canada.

It is an offence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act if your child does not comply with the conditions imposed on them when their entry into Canada was authorized, or when their study permit was issued. Your child may voluntarily leave Canada, or they may be subject to an inadmissibility determination or hearing. This could lead to their removal from Canada. Your child will lose their temporary resident status and any permit they have, if they break any of the conditions of their stay.

For more information about the application process and processing times in your country, you can visit the CIC website.

Canadian Study Permits

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