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Navitas: Education for your world!

Chances are you heard of Navitas without actually realizing who we are! Navitas is a leading education provider with 32 colleges across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Navitas helps over 23,000 students successfully transition into university. In fact, 90 per cent of all Navitas pathway college students transition to a partner university and 95 per cent of those will successfully graduate! Here are 5 important facts you need to know about Navitas!

  1. Canada’s university system is ranked 4th globally, ahead of Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Australia – according to Universitas 21, 2013.

  2. While the Canadian’s quality of education and living standards are amongst the highest in the world, the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are much lower than other English speaking countries like the US, UK and Australia.

  3. More than 250,000 international students, just like your child, choose to study in Canada each year. 

  1. A Navitas University Pathway Program in Canada will not cost your child any additional money, or time. It’s the same as a first year bachelor’s degree!

  2. Navitas has colleges on campus at the following Canada in universities:

    • Simon Fraser University
    • University of Manitoba
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Vandita Bhargava
Country Manager - India

Phone: +91-11-42029840
Mobile: +91-8130922556
Email: [email protected]

Got a question? I’m here to help!

My name is Vandita Bhargava. I’ve been working for Navitas here in India for many years. I’m here to help your child make the right choice about where to study in Canada. You can contact me at any time to discuss your child’s study options in Canada, or at one of our colleges worldwide.