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Navitas PRO

Your one-stop Navitas training platform

Navitas PRO

Navitas PRO is an all-in-one and on-demand training platform offering courses on Navitas destinations and colleges for both staff and agents. By completing the courses available on Navitas PRO, our partner student counsellors are officially recognised as a Navitas Accredited Counsellor for each of our destinations.

We developed Navitas PRO to provide our partner network of student counsellors with an in-depth understanding of our full suite of offerings across our colleges worldwide. The platform also provides all the information that is needed to promote study in our destination countries. The training available on the platform has been designed to increase agent success in matching the right student to the right college and program.

How does it work?

Navitas PRO is an interactive platform that not only provides the participant with facts and figures on each college course, but it also sets exercises so the participant can reflect on the information they have absorbed, consider the right student for each college, and undergo case study tasks to apply the knowledge gained and test their understanding.

Navitas PRO is built on the same learning methodology that is used across Navitas when teaching our university partner students – so both our staff and the student counsellors across our agent network can experience what it’s like to be a student with Navitas. This not only leads to a more interesting and interactive learning experience, it also provides a more effective way of learning and promoting the Navitas experience to ensure our agents and partner student counsellors are well acquainted with our products.

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